Greetings, Traveler!

My artist pseudonym is Endoriazel and my online handle is Cobra_Fast.

I like fun, programming, technical stuff, programming technical stuff, and all things artsy fartsy. ask me somewhere to get my email GPG Public Key freenode/Cobra_Fast

Reaction WebM Club

Provides popular reaction memes in a modern file format.


A userspace merging file system with more features and control.

Hobby Music Production

Trancey and dreamy music to fuel the imagination. Also on BandCamp.

Binary Tome

My blog about random techy things I come accross.


Simple webserver for maintenance situations, delivering a static out of order page.


Collection of useful and advanced functions and classes for building faster and better PHP applications faster and better.


Simple .NET web application framework based on my SCGI server implementation.


A customizable, extensible, scriptable, feature rich IRC client.